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- TAC Meeting -

Thursday, January 5, 2012
9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. CT

ERCOT Austin - Rm 206
7620 Metro Center Dr
Austin, TX

Key Documents (see below posted agenda at this link)

1-2. Antitrust Admonition - B. Jones

       2. ERCOT Board Update - B. Jones

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3. Election of 2012 TAC Chair and Vice-Chair (Vote) - K. Hobbs

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4. Approval of Draft TAC Meeting Minutes (Vote): - TAC Chair

         --November 3, 2011
         --December 1, 2011

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5a. Protocol Revision Subcommittee Report - R. Bevill

         Nodal Protocol Revision Requests (NPRRs) (Vote):

  • NPRR327, State Estimator Data Redaction Methodology
  • NPRR407, Credit Monitoring Credit Parameters Posting Requirements
  • NPRR422, Public DAM Shift Factors
  • NPRR423, Add Voltage Support Requirement for IRRs and Allow Manual Control of Static VAr Devices if Approved by ERCOT

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5b. Review of Multi-Year Project Priority List

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6. Revision Requests Tabled at TAC (Vote): - TAC Chair

  • NPRR334, Incorporate Resource Limit for the Amount of Regulation Service that may be Provided from a Generation Resource During any Operating Hour
  • PGRR008, New Planning Guide Section 4, Generation Resource Interconnection
  • NPRR408, Clarification of ERCOT Authority to Deny Energization of Non-Compliant Generators

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7. Reliability and Operations Subcommittee Report * - K. Donohoo

  • NOGRR087, Reinsertion of Network Operations Modeling Requirements -- Urgent (Vote)

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8. Retail Market Subcommittee Report* - K. Patrick

  • RMGRR105, Change to the IDR Meter Requirement Report Due to Inclusion of AMS Meters (Vote)
  • RMGRR106, Clarifies E-mail Process for Safety-Net and Emergency Reconnect Requests and Adds a Spanish Version of the New Occupant Statement (Vote)
  • RMGRR107, Replace TML References with MIS (Vote)

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9. Commercial Operations Subcommittee Report* - D. McKeever

  • COPMGRR028, Synchronization with NPRR374, Modification of SCR Process and Urgency Requirements (Vote)
  • LPGRR045, Synchronization with NPRR374, Modification of SCR Process and Urgency Requirements (Vote)

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10. Wholesale Market Subcommittee Report* - E. Goff

  • TAC Annual Review of Minimum PTP Option Bid Price Per Protocol Section 7.7.1 (Vote)

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11-1. ERCOT Operations, Planning, and IT Report

  • Commodity Exchange Act Exemption Update - M. Ruane

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  • Cross Valley RPG Project (Possible Vote) - J. Billo

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12. Draft Scope for Look Ahead SCED Group (Possible Vote) - K. Ogelman

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13. Revised TAC Procedures (Possible Vote) - TAC Chair

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14. Other Business - TAC Chair

         Future Agenda Items


Includes discussion of future meeting schedules and mothballing procedures.

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