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- TAC Meeting -

Thursday, October 6, 2011
9:30 a.m. CT

ERCOT Austin
7620 Metro Center Dr.
Austin, TX

Find Key Documents at the bottom of posted agenda here

1-2. Antitrust Admonition - B. Jones 9:30 a.m.

         2. ERCOT Board Update - K. Ogelman

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3. Approval of Draft September 1, 2011 TAC Meeting Minutes (Vote) - B. Jones

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4. Protocol Revision Subcommittee Report - S. Morris

         Nodal Protocol Revision Requests (NPRRs) (Vote):

  • NPRR395, CRR Auction Offer Award Disclosure
  • NPRR398, Changes to Resource Category Minimum-Energy Generic Heat Rates
  • NPRR399, Updates to Protocol Sections Related to Settlements and Billing
  • NPRR400, Eliminate Unsecured Credit for CRR Auctions and for Future Credit Exposure and Eliminate Netting of FCE with CCE -- Urgent

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5. Impact Assessment for Parking Deck NPRRs (Vote): - T. Anderson

  • NPRR181, FIP Definition Revision

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6. Revision Requests Tabled at TAC (Vote): - B. Jones

  • NPRR340, Introduction and Definition of Duration-Limited Resources (formerly "Unannounced HSL Test for Duration-Limited Resources") -- Urgent
  • NOGRR074, Clarified Responsible Entities for Reporting Sabotage Information to NERC

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SC. Discussion of Items for Subcommittees

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7. ERCOT Appeal of PRS Rejection of NPRR334, Incorporate Resource Limit for the Amount of Regulation Service that may be Provided from a Generation Resource During any Operating Hour (Vote) - B. Jones

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8. Holistic Approach to Congestion Irresolvable by SCED (Vote) - B. Jones

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ETWG. Comments Regarding ETWG Presentation

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9. Reliability and Operations Subcommittee Report * - K. Donohoo

  • NOGRR067, Review and Analysis of Turbine Speed Governor Performance (Vote)
  • NOGRR076, Synchronization with NPRR298 and New Format for Black Start Plans (Vote)
  • NOGRR077, Synchronization with NPRR379, EILS Dispatch Sequence and Performance Criteria Upgrades (Vote)
  • PGRR009, New Planning Guide Section 6.8, Resource Registration Procedures (Vote)

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10. Commercial Operations Subcommittee Report* - D. McKeever

No Discussion

11. Retail Market Subcommittee Report* - K. Patrick

No Discussion

12a. ERCOT Operations, Planning, and IT Report

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  • Wide Area Network Management Fee Report - B. Lathrop

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    13. Annual TAC and TAC Subcommittee Structure Review (Vote) - B. Jones

    • Revised TAC Procedures (Possible Vote)

    No Discussion

    14. Wholesale Market Subcommittee Report* - E. Goff

    • Load Resources in SCED Settlement (Possible Vote)

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    15. Other Business - B. Jones

    • 2012 TAC Meeting Schedule
    • Future Agenda Items

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