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- Electric/Gas Reliability Joint Agency Workshop -

Tuesday, April 17, 2012
8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. CT

RRC Room 1-111, William B. Travis Bldg
1701 N. Congress Ave
Austin, TX

The PUC and RRC have organized this workshop to educate the other's industry on the production and delivery of electricity and natural gas and to foster communication between the industries for smoother preparation for and response to energy emergencies.

The morning session will be led by electric experts for natural gas industry and regulators. The afternoon session will be led by natural gas experts for the electricity industry and regulators.

INTR. Introductions

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ELECTRICITY - 8:30-11:30 a.m.

         Introduction - Bill Kettlewell, ERCOT
  • Interconnections
  • Review of the Texas grid (ERCOT)
  • Ties into ERCOT
  • Review of common terms (provide a list)

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2. How electricity flows and is delivered

  • Review of the generation in sources in ERCOT. Discuss how generation flows from the generation site to the end use customer - Andrew Valencia, LCRA

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  • Review of the transmission and distribution systems ERCOT and how electricity flows from the generation sit to end use customers - Rusty Evans, Oncor

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  • Review of Blackstart: What it is and how it would occur - Kelly Blackmer, ERCOT

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5. The ERCOT Market

  • History of Deregulation in Texas - PUCT Staff
  • Review of wholesale and retail markets - John Adams, ERCOT
    • Review of the energy portfolio in Texas
    • Nodal Review
    • Distributive Generation
    • Wind Energy
    • Renewable Energy Mandate
    • Energy Storage
    • Interdependency Concerns (Utilize handouts from JH)
    • Drought Issues

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6. Smart Meter Review - Christine Wright, PUCT

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7. ERCOT Communications - Jackie Ashbaugh, ERCOT

  • EILS
  • ERCOT Facebook
  • ERCOT Alerts
  • ERCOT Communications Matrix

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NATURAL GAS - 1:00-4:00 p.m.


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9. Exploration and Producing - Doug Robison

  • Prospect Development Independent Operator
  • Land Acquisition ExL Petroleum
  • Drilling and Completion
  • Production

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10. Gas Processing - Kerry Puckett

  • Gathering Systems Vice President of Operations
  • Treating Plants Enbridge Energy Company, Inc.
  • Processing Plants

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11. Intrastate Pipelines - Lee Baskin

  • Pipeline Facilities Director, Regulatory
  • Compression Facilities Kinder Morgan
  • SCADA Systems Texas Intrastate Pipeline Group
  • Gas Contracts
  • Transportation Agreements

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12. Gas Utilities - Scott Doyle

  • Distribution Facilities Vice President Texas Region
  • LDCs, municipalities Centerpoint Energy
  • Customers‐residential, commercial, industrial
  • Natural gas rates

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13. General Discussion, Q&A

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